I’m sure by now, many of you know you exactly how much I love a good layering trend. The bralette top layered over a white button down (like this one) or a turtleneck (like this one)is probably one of my most favorite outfit formulas!

The white button down and jeans on their own is an instant classic look, but something about layering a cute bralette on top takes it to the next level while adding a little edge. You might remember this bralette in particular from this post here during New York Fashion Week when I layered it on top of a white turtleneck, but I’ve been playing around with this trend for a while now and love that you can wear a bralette no matter the temperature (it’s all about your layers).

Do you remember this post from Paris Fashion Week last year? Or this one from all the way back in March? I’ve worn this trend in all seasons and in all kinds of weather, which makes it the epitome of the perfect transitional wardrobe piece. Be sure to click throughout the post to see some of my favorite bralettes that will easily take you from winter to spring!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day, loves!

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