Spring/Summer 2017

Cinq à Sept’s Spring 2017 collection is a turn on of senses, combining surprising elements to startling effect. Embracing the charm of the unfamiliar, the collection is reminiscent of the emotional reaction to experiencing somewhere or something new. Pulling inspiration from far-flung locales and almost every decade of the 20th century, the collection collapses time and space, tapping into the way modern women really dress in its acknowledgement of diverse personal style.

Small details carry through across fabrics and styles, creating a sense of mingled cohesion, recalling the closet of the coolest girl you know. Visible topstitching invigorates stretch knit cocktail dresses, silk, and denim alike, cameoing on grosgrain trim as well. Several vintage inspired florals complement-- but do not match-- one another, while a palette of jewel-bright chartreuse, fuchsia, and orange finds a counterpoint in muted nudes and olive green. Embroidery and embellishment provide a richness, most notably in a scarab-encrusted camp shirt and a sheer mesh t-shirt crawling with bright-pink embroidery.